Commercial/Janitorial Cleaning

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Wendi’s Cleaning Service will customize your schedule to meet your cleaning needs.

Custom scheduling, offering a quality product and personal attention to detail enable us to have pride and satisfaction in our work. Our Clients come first and it shows!

Clients can choose from: Other Services we offer:
  • Daily
  • Twice/Three times a Week
  • Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • AM or PM
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor care
  • Window cleaning
  • Construction clean-ups
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What you can expect:

What we do when we clean a Commercial Account:

Why have a cleaning company:

Cleanliness affects almost every aspect of your business, those who work for you, and your customers attitude about you establishment.
Here are some ways a clean building can have a positive effect:

Remember, a clean sanitary environment enhances the work experience for your employees, improving morale and increasing worker productivity.

Other Services

All services preformed by Wendi's professionally trained and uniformed crew will be done with State of the Art Equipment.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning:

Floor Care:

Window Cleaning:

Construction Clean-Ups: